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Icim International –founded in 1930 in Milano, Italy, as a pharmaceutical company – created its BioNike brand in the 1960s. This brand has identified the company’s dermocosmetic product lines ever since. All BioNike brands are developed for subjects with sensitive, allergic, reactive skin and aim at providing relief to and preventing these conditions.

BioNike products are highly effective and are based on our "allergen-free philosophy", that is products with no preservatives, no fragrances, no gluten and nickel tested. In fact, nickel, preservatives and fragrances are well known skin sensitisers that are responsible for triggering contact allergies.

  • Nickel Tested
  • Preservative Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Gluten Free

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Wassen International

Wassen International is committed to providing nutritional supplements of the highest quality. The company was established over 30 years ago and is based in Leatherhead, Surrey, England.

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The company is based in a modern building of 5200 square meters, located in the Tuscan territory near the charming Villa Borghini. From the handicraft and manual production, the company specialized itself in scientific research, development, production, marketing, staff training and trade of high quality products for body and hair care. In the building all the departments work in synergy: production and packaging, design laboratories, trade offices, administration, training academy and customers welcome. Villa Borghinievolve in the years with the target to remain at the forefront with the production system, with particular attention to the technological investment for the automation of production and the obtaining of the most important certification.

All the products formulated in our Production Department are tested for the maximum Safety of use and for the real Clinical Effectiveness by the most important Dermatological Universities of Italy (Siena University, Padova University and Ferrara University), as showed by all the original certifications and the whole university documentations indicated in our official document VB Technical Report and on our web site.

Moreover, industry-wide, our products are still today the only one to be certificated as bacteria charge free.

Between countless awards at national level and the most important certifications and registrations obtained by our products we would like to shortly remember the FDA-USA registration, the compliance with the Swiss Regulations, the SASO certification (Saudi Arabia Standards Organization) and also the compliance to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) following the ISO regulations, 9000 series. In the production area is made the design and realization of the prototype created, is tested in a pilot plant until to be produced in big reactors.

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The company Walmark was established in 1990. After initial foreign business activities within the information technology trade and household utensils, the company started focusing on the trade with agricultural products, particularly the export of special seeds for food industry.

In the second half of 1991, it commenced its business activities and then the production (1993) within the segment of alcohol free beverages. From 1992, the company started to import and then produce pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical formulas, particularly food supplements and healing cosmetics. The three specified business segments formed three divisions and until September 2001, they represented basic parts within the company structure.

The organization structure and management mechanisms continuously adjust to the new requirements resulting from the company fast development. On 01.06.2001, the general meeting have decided to change the legal form from the limited liability company to joint-stock company.

In 2001 the Company Management adopted a decision about the strategic orientation of the company towards pharmacy, which is a field with high prospects of growth, both in domestic and international respect. In relation to the above decision, in September of the same year the agricultural products division was sold, and in the end of 2004 the food division was sold.

The achieved finances helped the company to invest into the development of pharmaceutical division. The company built a new production plant complying with the GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice), which ranks amongst the most modern in the CR. From 2003, based on successfully managed certification process, Walmark is a holder of permit to produce medicines issued by the State institute for drug control. A significant turning point for further development was the commencement of production of first medicines in September 2004. The original portfolio of food supplements, currently offering one of the most extended and unified product range on the Czech market, was extended with humane medicines.

These divesting processes were accompanied by acquisition processes in areas related to the pharmaceutical production and healthy life style. The areas providing a real synergic effects and larger potential for further expansion even on international level. After the take-over of the company Profitness, a.s. in January 2005, running a chain of Vitaland stores for healthy lifestyle, we gained the majority in the company Aminostarin 2006, which is one of the prominent Czech producers of food supplements and nutrition for athletes, and in 2008 we gained 100 % share in the company.

The consolidated turnover of Walmark holding in the last financial year (June 2010 - May 2011) reached the level of 97,1 mil. EUR (2,4bil. CZK). In the same time period Walmark holding has employed 882 employees in Czech Republic and in its 8 foreign subsidiaries.

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Biodes is a Spanish company dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of natural slimming and health care products made from medicinal plants.

Our products are offered as tea bags, capsules, pearls and single-dose sticks of soluble powder; we feel pleased to have achieved the highest quality mark in health care for over 50 years and strive to maintain this position.

As an independent family business, we are proud of our values and know-how. Well-known Bio3 brand is proof that we never compromise our quality, and represents the support and trust our customers place in us since 1966.

Bio3 brand integrates the knowledge of plants, constant innovations from our team of pharmacists, biologists and nutritionists and our family commitment that Bio3 products will continue being a worldwide reference in medicinal plants.

Bio3 products are leaders in the market of medicinal plants, food supplements and natural remedies.

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Vital Health Foods is your champion in health.

We strive to inspire, motivate, and empower everyone to achieve a healthy life by manufacturing high-quality nutritional supplements, foods, beverages, and more. Since 1947, we’ve led the field in formulating, producing, and distributing – and we will continue to do so.

In 1947 Mr Jack Grieve founded Vital Health Foods. From its humble beginnings in the small town of Wellington, South Africa, the company has grown to be the leading supplement manufacturer in Africa, boasting international quality certifications, which exports internationally and boasts a comprehensive range of products.

All Vital products are manufactured to Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) quality standards. These are pharmaceutical-grade standards, audited by the Medicines Control Council of South Africa, Therapeutic Goods Adminstration of Australia, and the British Retail Consortium. Find out more about our quality standards on our Quality page.

An in-house team of experts formulates, tests, and manufactures Vital supplements, and dedicated quality assurance and regulatory teams ensure rigorous quality controls are adhered to. Vital Health Foods’ innovations team continuously researches new formulations. To help you make the best choices for your health, a helpline, run by qualified dieticians, offers free advice and assistance.


Unleashing the full potential of Vital by providing products that keep the world healthy, Vital Health Foods will continue to pursue all product categories within the complementary universe, in South Africa and internationally.


“We, the Vital family, provide fine products that improve our customers lives, as we have done since 1947.”